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The Ethics of Backups

  When it comes to backups – or lack thereof – most of us have at least one horror story. But when it comes to our client’s files and confidential information, the Michigan Rules of Professional Conduct impose certain duties on us to ensure that our client’s information does not become part of any horror …Read More

What Is an Independent Contractor?

The Sharing Economy – What Is an Independent Contractor? In the new and emerging sharing economy, where goods and services are exchanged through peer-to-peer networks, many companies have sprung up to help facilitate this peer-to-peer sharing.  Despite the advantages of a sharing economy, such as reducing waste, saving money and more choices for consumer, a …Read More

What Are Punitive Damages

What Are Punitive Damages You have probably heard the term “punitive damages” in the news, especially in connection with large civil lawsuits. But what exactly are punitive damages? Basically, punitive damages are civil damages intended to punish a party for egregious behavior. This is a stark deviation from the principle behind most court damage awards, …Read More

Battle of the Forms

“Battle of the Forms” Under traditional contract common law, in order for a legal contract to exist, there must be an offer of terms and an acceptance of the exact same terms (referred to as the “mirror image rule”). However, in certain situations, a contract can exist even though the contractual terms made by the …Read More

The Difference Between Copyright Assignments and Licenses

The Difference Between Copyright Assignments And Licenses There are two ways that a copyright owner can transfer some or all of his or her copyright rights: through a license or an assignment. In an assignment of copyright rights, the owner sells his or her ownership rights to another party and has no control over how …Read More