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Use Estate Planning and Avoid Probate

on 06/30/2015 by Clayton Jipping

Use Estate Planning and Avoid Probate When a person dies, his or her assets are disbursed in accordance to his or her will or in accordance with the state’s intestate succession laws. Either process can occur through probate, which is essentially the legal process by which a decedent’s (person who has died) assets and debts …Read More

Probate Process in Michigan

on 06/23/2015 by Clayton Jipping

Probate Process in Michigan What is probate? In its simplest terms, probate is the legal process where the decedent’s (the person who has died) debts and liabilities are paid and the decedent’s assets are distributed to heirs (individuals receiving property if the decedent did not have a will) or devisees (individuals receiving property pursuant to …Read More