Business Law

Business law encompasses a diverse cross-section of legal disciplines specifically relevant to businesses of all types. Those include corporate governance, contract drafting and review, employment, regulatory compliance, taxation, liability protection, debtor/creditor relations, and more. No matter what your business law needs are, Edward Allen has the knowledge and skill to assist your business.

Business Law

Closely Held Businesses

Closely held businesses provide some of the most beneficial structures to acquire, maintain, and protect personal wealth. With proper planning, the red tape of running a business can be almost entirely cut out. But if a closely held business is not set up correctly from an organizational standpoint, there can be problems in many areas. Likewise, the existing organization of a closely held business may be perfectly suitable for many years, but as the business changes, so must its governance and organizational structure; a failure to do so may be debilitating to the organization at the least desirable time.

We have attorneys who have not only worked with many closely held businesses, but have also owned more than a dozen diverse businesses over 20 years. With our firm, you not only get legal counsel, but attorneys who can relate to the practical, real-life experiences that affect your business and your life.


Entrepreneurs face unique legal challenges. Whether your business is to bring new products to market, innovate existing products or technologies in new ways, or to simply compete in a well-established industry, every entrepreneur must plan for both themselves and his or her business. Edward Allen helps entrepreneurs navigate the legal, tax, organizational, and regulatory issues relevant to their businesses in an informed, knowledgeable way. After all, the partners at Edward Allen are entrepreneurs, too, and have a diverse experience set that allows us to understand the problem from the perspective of a business owner, not just an attorney.

Labor and Employment Law

Employees are essential to any business’ success. Unfortunately, employee benefits, hiring and firing, collective bargaining, and state and federal regulations are not remotely intuitive. Edward Allen can help you create policies and manage individual labor and employment incidents so that you can focus on operating your business so you have to deviate as little as possible to spend time dealing with the legal issues of having employees.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Whether you are buying or selling a business or its assets, a merger or acquisition is an exciting time for all business owners. At Edward Allen, we have the knowledge and experience to help structure the transaction in the most beneficial way possible. And because things do not always go as planned, we know what types of provisions to include to best ensure the other side performs as promised or you are otherwise made as whole as possible, ensuring that you are protected no matter what happens.