About Us

Edward Allen was founded by entrepreneurs who happen to be attorneys. We understand that a business owner’s primary concern should be his or her business. We also understand, through experience, that dealing with attorneys can be difficult, expensive, and mentally draining. Edward Allen is different. At Edward Allen, we work to minimize these concerns for our clients.  Every day.

Unlike many “Big Law” firms, we know that a business must provide a superior product at a competitive price. So we do. Unlike other firms, we do not provide the same services at the same inflated rates as the legal market has always done. We make sure that our fees are tailored to each client’s needs, and we provide the highest quality work-product irrespective of the fee agreement with our clients. Read more about our innovative fee philosophy here.About our lawyers

Another way that we set ourselves apart is our commitment to our clients. Unlike most law firms, which demand that you keep their schedule and take time from your business to meet at their downtown office, Edward Allen seeks to remain flexible to accommodate your needs. We are happy to meet you at your business or utilize technology to create virtual meetings and workspaces. We even provide a free, convenient, secure online client portal that organizes our documents and communications so you can access what you need whenever it is most convenient for you.

Edward Allen is different. Contact us for a free consultation to truly discover how.