Legal Fees

Low Legal FeesUntil recently, businesses seeking legal services were limited to Big Law firms charging Big Law hourly rates. These firms seem oblivious to the fact that changing technology and innovative business models have significantly reduced the cost of providing legal services; yet they continue to charge the same exorbitant hourly rates to their clients. Edward Allen is different.

The most obvious change you will see between Edward Allen and traditional Big Law firms is how we determine our legal fees. We don’t charge by the hour unless absolutely needed. Sometimes it’s impossible to know how large or complex a case will be, and an hourly rate will be appropriate. However, most firms have turned the hourly rate into a way to siphon extra cash out of their clients by charging high hourly rates and handing unnecessarily tedious work to paralegals. It is in those firms’ best interests to drag your case out. We don’t do that.

At Edward Allen, we do our best to give you a flat fee so you know how much we will cost before you sign our retainer agreement. This helps keep your costs low and creates an incentive for us to solve your legal problem efficiently — the right way — the first time.

We have also created a program to make it cost effective for your business to utilize our legal team as if you had your own in-house counsel, like a Fortune 500 Company would. This way, our clients can have low, predictable legal fees. This allows our clients’ businesses to run smoother by avoiding future legal problems and by reducing their long-term legal costs and headaches.