Litigation & Trial Services

Television and Hollywood have given us the lasting images of the litigator making that closing argument to the jury, however litigation is so much more than that. Today’s litigation, especially the civil business litigation, is decided in pretrial motions and discovery where you obtain and admit evidence for later use in trial. Its not always what actually happened, but rather what can you prove that will carry a case, and that is where a true litigator will shine. At Edward Allen, we treat litigation as far more than a single impassioned moment with the jury and take the opportunities to win your case before the jury is even sworn.

Litigation and Trial Services

Our firm’s commitment to our clients means that we take the time to understand the facts of your case because we understand that your claim for breach of contract is different than any body else’s claim for breach of contract. Too many attorneys focus on trying to fit your facts into their form claims, the legal equivalent of trying to push the square peg through the round hole. At Edward Allen we take the opposite approach. Our focus on the facts of your case, puts our focus on the evidence of your case. And that focus gives us the understanding and opportunities before the trial to get key evidence in front of the jury and keep the damaging facts away to present the strongest case possible. And with the stronger case, comes a better winning percentage, whether by settlement or judgement.

Edward Allen’s founding partners have worked with federal judges at both the trial court and appellate court levels, so we know what what judges are looking for in evaluating issues. Combined with our thorough factual understanding of our clients’ cases, Edward Allen’s attorneys are able to present a stronger case before the trial to give you a stronger case in the trial. You can rest assured that you are getting among the most knowledgeable, persuasive advocates when Edward Allen is on your side.