Debtor & Creditor Law

Debtor and creditor laws affect every single person’s daily life, whether you lend money, owe money, or simply have a bank account. When you become involved in a dispute, it is essential to know your rights so you can best plan your course of action. At Edward Allen, we know the law and real-life practices from both the debtor and creditor perspectives. Whatever your issue may be, Edward Allen can help guide you to the best possible outcome for any given situation.

Debtor and Creditor Law

Debt Reduction

If you owe money to creditors, Edward Allen may be able to help reduce the amount that you owe and remove negative credit ratings associated with any late payments. Although every situation is different, our attorneys have had success in reducing the amount owed on debts by up to 85%, without even having to invoke bankruptcy proceedings.


If you are considering filing for bankruptcy or have a claim to make against another party who has filed for bankruptcy, Edward Allen can help. Our attorneys provide practical advice on whether you should file for bankruptcy, when to file, and how to structure your petition. Further, if you are contemplating bankruptcy because you cannot collect on debt owed to you, our attorneys are experienced in many types of collections and will take whatever legal action is necessary to best get your claim satisfied.


Sadly, not everyone pays their bills and a business can grind to a halt when it cannot collect on it’s accounts. If you are owed money and the debtor refuses to pay, Edward Allen can inform you of your rights and your options to collect on money owed to you.  At Edward Allen, we will work hard to get you the money that you are rightfully owed.

Fraud & Embezzlement

At Edward Allen, we have experience helping victims of fraud, embezzlement, and recovering money that debtors have transferred elsewhere to avoid paying their legitimate creditors. Although every case is unique, Edward Allen has the knowledge and skill to put you in the best position to recover what should rightfully be yours.