Real Estate Law

Real Estate Law encompasses nearly any matter related to real property. At Edward Allen, we can advise you of your rights for nearly every type of real property transaction or dispute. Our skilled attorneys will help you best achieve your end-goal in the most efficient, practical, thorough manner possible.

Real Estate Law


Commercial real estate law encompasses everything from single-building commercial property sale transactions to residential or condominium developments, oil and gas right disputes, and more. Edward Allen can assist in every aspect of a transaction, including negotiations, contractor and sub-contractor agreements, financing, collections, environmental risk analysis, municipal requirements and relations, and more.


Residential real restate law encompasses everything from single-family home sale transactions to easements, boundary disputes, land contracts, foreclosure actions, and more. If you have any questions about a piece of property that you own, sold, or financed, Edward Allen can inform you of your legal rights and help pursue your available options.

Landlord Services

Landlords have special needs. At Edward Allen, we know what to do to maximize your bottom line by structuring your leases in the most beneficial manner, efficiently evicting non-paying tenants, and maximizing the chance of recovering unpaid rent. We offer free, no-obligation consultations to new landlord clients who are interested in finding out how Edward Allen can help increase their bottom line.