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The Ethics of Backups

on 03/15/2016 by David Szostek

  When it comes to backups – or lack thereof – most of us have at least one horror story. But when it comes to our client’s files and confidential information, the Michigan Rules of Professional Conduct impose certain duties on us to ensure that our client’s information does not become part of any horror …Read More

The Ethics Behind Cloud Storage

on 02/15/2016 by David Szostek

The ease and affordability of online billing, client management, document storage, and payment platforms is a powerful lure. When you sign-on or hit send on these sites, is there a little voice inside your head wondering whether these platforms are truly safe and whether using them could lead to an ethics violation? There should be, …Read More

Usable Password Management

on 01/15/2016 by David Szostek

  Nearly every company, from banks, to cell phone providers, to utility providers offer online portals that require a username and password. The easiest way to remember all of these is to use the same username and password for everything, but that is also the least secure (and arguably an ethics violation). The second easiest …Read More

Ethically Accepting Electronic Payments

on 12/15/2015 by David Szostek

  When it comes to the ethics of accepting client funds via credit-cards or electronic payment service providers (ePSP), some ethics opinions and rules are a bit akin to a reversed analogy: trying to pour old wine into new bottles. Attorneys must be diligent and careful in order to understand how a particular ePSP handles …Read More