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What Is an Independent Contractor?

on 02/01/2016 by David Szostek

The Sharing Economy – What Is an Independent Contractor? In the new and emerging sharing economy, where goods and services are exchanged through peer-to-peer networks, many companies have sprung up to help facilitate this peer-to-peer sharing.  Despite the advantages of a sharing economy, such as reducing waste, saving money and more choices for consumer, a …Read More

Use Estate Planning and Avoid Probate

on 06/30/2015 by Clayton Jipping

Use Estate Planning and Avoid Probate When a person dies, his or her assets are disbursed in accordance to his or her will or in accordance with the state’s intestate succession laws. Either process can occur through probate, which is essentially the legal process by which a decedent’s (person who has died) assets and debts …Read More

Partnerships: Rules and FAQ

on 06/02/2015 by David Szostek

Partnerships: Rules and FAQ People or companies that conduct business together, but have not filed any formal organizational documents to obtain a corporation or other state-issued entity may be classified as a partnership, whether they intend to be one or not. Those can raise issues and about partnership transactions and potential liabilities that the participants …Read More