Non-Profit Organizations

From the American Red Cross to the National Football League non-profits are as varied as their causes. They can be a charitable organization in their own right, be used as a foundation to fund other charitable organizations, or take about any other form. While these entities are often similar to their for-profit cousins, there are also very important legal differences. This is especially true for the charitable organizations that most imagine when they hear “non-profit.” Failures to organize and govern these entities properly can have dire consequences. Beyond the entity itself being penalized by the state, misgoverning a non-profit can have criminal consequences for those governing it and tax implications for the donors. Non-profits often rely on their reputation and credibility to continue to operate and perform their charitable mission. A legal mistake, even innocently made, can quickly reduce a charity to an empty shell were a director implicated for mismanagement or the donors informed that their donations were no longer tax-deductible.

Edward Allen is here to help you get your non-profit off the ground and to ensure that it is governed properly to allow you to focus on your mission. Our founding attorneys are experienced with all aspects of non-profits, whether incorporating, volunteering, or managing on the board. We will take the time to learn about your mission and goals and give you the advise and tools you need to accomplish them. At Edward Allen we have a strong appreciation for those who make our world a better place, and so we try to do our part to help charitable 501(c)(3) organizations by offering reduced rates and service packages and, at times, even donating our services. Contact us today to see how we may be able to help your non-profit organization.